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Hazard Monitoring Systems

Reliable, yet less expensive. Is that possible? Yes! For years much of the cost of an installed hazard monitoring system has been in piping and wiring. Our hazard monitoring systems were designed to communicate wirelessly from the start. It wasn’t an add on or a modification. Consistent operation is ensured with self diagnostics, transmission logging, and redundant receivers. It is now possible to invest in better sensors, better displays, and more intelligent controls, providing system reliability, ease of use, and fewer false alarms. Buy functionality not costly installation.
  • Lowest Installed Cost
  • All status at a glance
  • Multi-point ambient temperature compensation
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Leg alignment monitoring
  • Conveyor belt alignment monitoring
  • Slow down / under speed monitoring
  • Plug switch monitoring
  • Real-time information
  • Accountability
  • Full integration with your controls, your network, the web
  • Security
  • Wear detect sensors and self diagnostics
  • Better protection - fewer false alarms
  • Exceptional moisture resistance
  • History logs and printable graphs
  • Scalable, add more transmitter nodes at any time
  • Serviced and sold by Harvest Engineering LLC
Full Insta-Link Advanced Hazard Monitoring systems product listing coming soon. Call for information and pricing.
Insta-Link Hazard Monitoring Brochure
Wireless frequently asked questions
Insta-Link Alarm/Event Print Example
Insta-Link Slow-downs Testing Procedure Overview
Insta-Link MODBus Basic Information Interface
Insta-Link MODBus Equipment Run Request Interface
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