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Embedded Development

Our team at Harvest Engineering LLC. prides ourselves in bringing the latest technology to our designs, giving our customers an edge over their competition. For example many existing devices could again become competitive with the addition of a web server.

We will work with you to cut production and installation costs by utilizing the latest wired & wireless communication standards. One of our low power solutions senses and transmits data up to ten years on a single battery.

Design Areas

  • Web Enabled Devices
  • Ethernet Connectivity Including MODBus
  • Wireless Communications
  • Real Time Control
  • Vibratory Feeder Control
  • Machine Vision Lighting
  • FM Transmitter
  • Foam Dispensing Control
  • Hot Air Sealer
  • Data Acquisition


  • Detailed project plans and schedules
  • Complete functional specifications
  • Comprehensive test plans and procedures
  • Documented hardware and software designs
  • Electronic hardware prototypes
Emdedded Design
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